Saturday, March 1, 2008


Horror of horrors, after contemplating this for a while, I've decided to experiment with advertising on this site. I would like to keep it discrete, sort of like what I did to the picture at the right: I reduced the size and lightened it to make it less garish so it isn't so intrusive.

I signed up to be an "Amazon Associate" and am also considering using Google's AdSense although with the weird off-the-wall tangentially-related to wine topics I serve up here I am not sure what sort of things are going to appear from AdSense. Amazon is more controllable since those will be links I place myself to products, if any, that are relevant to the daily post.

This is an experiment and if it seems to be going awry, I'll just remove the advertising. I don't want anything compromising whatever integrity this blog has and if it becomes disruptive, then away it goes.

If you would like to advertise, despite the pathetically low readership level, then contact me at the address in the "about me" section to the right.

Anyway, just wanted to warn you!

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