Friday, March 7, 2008

2004 Guenoc Merlot

I didn't choose this wine myself; it was given to me as a gift. You need to temper this review with the fact that I'm not really a big fan of Merlot (although not in a fanatical Sideways fashion), but here goes:

The aromas didn't leap out of the glass but of what there was, it was heavy on the oak. I also sensed smoke, wet paper towels (the brown type you get from dispensers in public restrooms), sawdust, some roasted nuts and underneath, plums.

Lots of oak on the palate, too, along with graphite, with cherry and plum flavors underneath. Overall the wood overpowered the fruit and lasted into the aftertaste, as well. The middle seemed hollow because there wasn't enough fruit to balance the wood.

Unfortunately I give this two thumbs down; I wouldn't buy this myself. I don't know for sure how much it costs but I suspect it is around $10.00.

About the YouTube videos I insert that I feel match the wines: if I don't like the wine does that necessarily mean I also don't like the song? Not at all. It's just the song that comes into my head as something that somehow in my own mind fits with the wine. I wanted to say that because I really like the song in the video below but I didn't care much for the wine.

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