Friday, March 28, 2008

1990 Schloss Schönborn Domdechaney Stein Stielweg (DSS) Riesling Spätlese

That's quite a mouthful in the title, eh? Note that the label in the picture at the right is much less wordy, and so was the back label.

The full name of the wine, as per the above title, is per Garagiste's description in the e-mail that enticed me to snag this 18-year old bottle of wine for $19.99.

The color gave no clue about the age. It was medium to light gold. On the nose there was a distinct "petrol" aroma. It reminded me of being in that area of my mechanics garage with the sign saying for liability purposes customers aren't allowed, but then they take you back there to show you what's wrong with your car. There were also aromas of apples and apricots.

On the palate I was reminded of canned fruit cocktail, apricots and apple peel. This one tasted better on the colder side, which made it taste crisper. As it warmed up, it became more apparent that the acidity was a bit low in relation to the sweet character of the wine.

Mouthfilling and with a lengthy fruit cocktail aftertaste, this wine gave no clue that it was so old. Well at least no clue to me. This is by far the oldest riesling I've ever tried so I have nothing to compare it to, but definitely I would have thought at most 5 years. Aside from needing just a little bit more acidity, I give this wine two thumbs up.

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