Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Writer's Block Wednesday Ad Infinitum

Well, not much going on around here and I'm going to stick to my routine of posting my weekly wine review on Friday even though I know what I'm going to say about it right now. So Friday is covered but what to say today?

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Rant: This has nothing to do with wine but I did want to mention a really sleazy practice regarding domain name registration by one of the official name registrars, Network Solutions.

On their home page is a box that allows you to check if a domain name is available. I entered a few names and found out they were available. The reason I use Network Solutions is because you can enter up to 10 names at a time to check. They charge too much to register names, though, so I use a registrar with lower fees (such as GoDaddy or 1&1 - sort of how you thumb through a book at Borders and then go buy it online at Amazon).

After ascertaining from Network Solutions that the names were available, I went to GoDaddy to check the availability and lo and behold, it said the domain names were taken already! To make a long story short, what sleazy Network Solutions does is they put a "hold" on any potential domain name that is entered in their search box so that no other registrar can register the name except Network Solutions.

Their rationale for doing this? To protect against what they call "Front Runners," people who register domains that someone else has just searched on, apparently to hold them ransom? I can understand the reasoning, but then they go on to say that the domain name will be held on reserve for four days during which it may still be registered by anyone, but only through Network Solutions.

So what is the point??? If the name can still be registered by anyone, then how does this prevent front runners from stealing names? All this does is ensure that sleazeball Network Solutions gets the registration money for basically doing nothing, and the other registrars across the net get shut out from the opportunity to register the domain name at a more reasonable fee.

I think it stinks.

So a word of advice, if you are planning on registering a domain name, unless you are going to pay more than necessary by using Network Solutions, don't check the availability of the name using their site.

For example, I went to and entered something from the top of my head, "" in the search box and surprisingly enough, the name was still available. Then I went to and entered the same name in their search box and got the same result: name is available. Then I went back to and entered the name and what do you know? In the course of just a few seconds all of a sudden the name was no longer available! It said it had been taken!

Now if that isn't a slimy practice worthy of a politician then I don't know what is.

Also I am thinking "" is a pretty catchy name and I ought to register it. But now I have to wait four days until it is taken out of reserve by Slimeworks Solutions. So now don't any of you go and steal my new domain name!

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