Tuesday, February 12, 2008

WINE WARS Preview #5 - May the Terroir Be With You

Preview number five begins at the hidden Rebel base located on the planet Eni Amod 745. On this small planet are some of the last remaining vineyards in the galaxy that have not been destroyed by the evil Empire.

The digital technical readouts of the Oak Star have been brought to Eni Amod 745 by Luke Skysaddle, Han Zello, Princess Bonny and Chewy, stuffed inside of a rubber chicken to evade detection by the authorities.

While Rebel wireheads race frantically to decipher the technical readouts before the Oak Star can make its way into firing range of their planet, Luke, Bonny and several assistants huddle over glasses containing barrel samples from the various vineyards of Eni Amod 745. Surrounding them is the Winepodalyzer: a wall-to-wall menagerie of advanced electronic equipment sporting meters, flashing lights, and graphs that devises the formula for perfect blends.

Smauls, a long-time friend of Luke since childhood, is standing next to him shaking his head in wonderment.

Smauls: How’d you manage to get those Oak Star plans past the Starport security, anyway?

Luke: They were inside the rubber chicken. I just told the guy I was taking it to work with me because it was “rubber chicken at work week” and he waved me through.

Before Smauls can respond, Han Zello and Chewy walk into the room.

Han: I came by to say so long, kid.

Luke: So.. you got your reward and now you’re leaving us?

Han: That’s right. Yeah, I got some debts I have to go pay off. Even if I didn’t, you think I’d be fool enough to stick around here? Look, you’re pretty good with the grapes. Why don’t you come with us? I could use you.

Luke: C’mon, why don’t you take a look around? Don’t you see what’s happening? You see what we’re up against. They could use a good pilot like you. You’re turning your back on them.

Han: What good’s a reward if you ain’t around to use it? Besides, attacking that Oak Star ain’t my idea of courage. It’s more like suicide.

Luke: All right, well, take care of yourself. I guess that’s what you’re best at, isn’t it?

Luke, angry and disappointed, turns back to his barrel samples while Han starts to walk away with Chewy, then hesitates.

Han: Hey Luke! Uh, may the Terroir be with you!

Luke gives Han a weak smile and watches as Han and Chewy leave the room.

Princess Bonny: Luke, he has to do what he has to do. No one can choose his path for him.

Luke: I just thought he would stay. I sure wish Eno Juan was still here.

Luke, Bonny and the others continue tasting the samples, trying to come up with a final blend of wine. Luke finally slams down his glass in disgust.

Luke: This just isn’t working.

Princess Bonny: Don’t give up, Luke. We’re almost there. Can’t you see the data on the Winepodalyzer is telling us we are approaching the apex?

Luke: We don’t have much time. When we blow up the Oak Star, someone is going to have to supply the universe with wine. Good wine. And what we have now just isn’t cutting it.

Smauls: I’ve got it! I’ve got it! The Winepodalyzer says this is the perfect blend! It’s giving me the thumbs up!

Startled, Luke and Bonny rush over to Smauls. He offers them a taste. Luke thoughtfully swirls, takes a sniffy sniff then tastes it. He spits it out and shakes his head.

Luke: It’s just not there, Smauls. There’s something missing. It's lacking depth. I’m sorry.

Luke puts his head down in his hands and is very still. He just can’t figure out what to do.

Eno Juan’s Voice: Use the Terroir, Luke.

Luke raises his head a bit and looks around the room, as if searching for the candid camera. Looking defeated, he stands up and heads toward the Winepodalyzer to further refine the controls.

Eno Juan’s Voice: Let go, Luke.

Luke raises his hands to one of the knobs on the Winepodalyzer, hesitates, then puts it back down.

Eno Juan’s Voice: Luke, trust me.

Luke walks to one side of the huge machine and turns it off.

Princess Bonny and Smauls: Luke, you just turned off the Winepodalyzer! Are you all right? What’s wrong?

Luke: Nothing. I’m fine.

Luke walks determinedly back to the tasting table and begins selecting and mixing barrel samples with a renewed fervor. Bonny and Smauls watch in astonishment. After a few minutes, Luke swirls, sniffy sniffs and takes a drink.

Luke: This is it! Perfection!

Bonny and Smauls each sample the blend.

Princess Bonny: Luke, this is gorgeous! This is the best wine I’ve ever tasted!

Smauls: I knew you could do it, Luke! You aced it!

Eno Juan’s Voice: Remember Luke, the Terroir will be with you.. always.

Princess Bonny: Luke, we have it – the greatest wine ever made! Now all we have to do is get it past the Empire and their Oak Star’s embargo, and distribute it throughout the universe. People will know what a real wine tastes like again!

Luke rejoices with the rest of his fellow Rebels but it is obvious by the look on his face that he is pondering Princess Bonny’s last statement. How are the Rebels going to evade the Empire? Will they be able to destroy the monopoly of the Oak Star and transport their wines to surrounding planets?

Stay with us for preview #6 coming soon!

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