Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wine Rack / Riedel to do Joint Venture?

There has been much buzz lately about the Wine Rack, a sports bra that can be filled with one's drink of choice, to be consumed via a stealth straw most anywear since it is rather difficult to detect the presence of one of these devices. For those of you who haven't read about it, click here.

Rumor has it that the Wine Rack has caught the attention of premium crystal maker Riedel, best known for its series of wine glasses whose shapes and sizes are tailored to enhance the best characteristics of individual grape varieties.

Now the buzz is that Riedel has teamed up with Wine Rack to release a line of sports bra wine wear whose cups are custom-designed to complement the type of wine that is poured into them by the wearer.

Sources who asked to remain unidentified told us that this new line of cupware will be called the Cupiere Line, featuring models with names such as Madonna, Dromedary, Goodyear, Beacon, etc. We were also furnished with a draft of what they claim will be the official release poster for the line (see above picture).

Although this venture has not been officially announced, we queried wine industry expert Terrance Rouilly as to his thoughts on the rumored product.

"It's a sweet idea," declared Rouilly. "It's the ultimate logical next step in the evolution of this product. Just because you are drinking the wine through a tube doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy it to its fullest potential. It's commonly accepted throughout the wine community that the aromas and tastes of a wine are impacted by the shape and size of the glass. Why not carry this one step further and apply it to the Wine Rack?

For now, we will have to wait and see if the rumor becomes reality. In the meantime, other rumors have surfaced in the wake of this one: Eisch is reportedly trying to develop breathable cups, but apparently has been stymied by leakage problems. Another third party developer is attempting to find a way to insert a Vinturi device between the cups and the stealth straw to aerate the wine before it reaches the mouth of the wearer.

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