Monday, February 11, 2008

Preview #4 in the WINE WARS saga

We begin this 4th preview on the Oak Star. Luke Skysaddle, Han Zello, Eno Juan and Chewy have been successful in helping Princess Bonny to escape her cell. All but Eno are running through the corridors towards the Millennium Magnum to board and then speed away from the Oak Star.

Eno Juan, meanwhile, has disabled the tractor beams and now there is nothing to prevent the Millennium Magnum from taking off. He is hurrying down another corridor to meet the others when he encounters the evil Kang Aru. On one side of him is the hangar housing the Millennium Magnum. On the other is a steep drop into a huge vat of grapes ready to be crushed.

Immediately Kang Aru pulls out a tastevin that is hanging from a chain around his neck. Eno Juan follows suit with his own tastevin.

Kang Aru: I’ve been waiting for you, Eno Juan. We meet again, at last. The cork has now been put into the bottle.

Eno Juan moves with elegant ease into a classical offensive position. The fearsome Kang Aru takes up a defensive stance.

Eno Juan: You should know it’s Stelvin, not cork these days, Aru.

Kang Aru: When I left you I was but a learner; now I am the master.

Eno Juan: Only a master of bloated, over the top evil wines and at preventing free trade, Aru.

The two of them begin angling their tastevins at each other, attempting to reflect light into one another’s eyes to blind them. As they jockey for position, the Oak Troopers who are guarding the Millennium Magnum notice the duel and come running over to watch.

Kang Aru: Your eyes are weak, old man.

Eno Juan: You can’t possibly win, Aru. If you strike me down I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

The two continue fighting. Luke, Princess Bonny, Han Zello and Chewy arrive at the hangar housing the Millennium Falcon and notice no one is guarding the ship. They take that opportunity to run on board. As they are running towards the ship, Luke notices the duel that is taking place. He stops.

Eno Juan looks over and sees his companions. With a serene look on his face, he lowers his tastevin, letting it hang loose from his neck, then closes his eyes. Kang Aru takes advantage of the opportunity and swiftly kicks Eno Juan into the giant grape crushing vat. We hear machinery operating and it is obvious that Eno Juan has been crushed inside the vat along with the grapes.

Luke: Noooooo!

The Imperial Oak Troopers realize they have left the ship unguarded. They turn and begin firing at the group boarding the ship. As Kang Aru peers into the vat to confirm Eno Juan’s demise, he then turns and heads towards the ship. Han Zello manages to blast the buttons next to the doors of the hangar and they close before Aru can step inside.

Eno Juan’s voice: Run, Luke, Run!

In a wild frenzy, Han drags the shocked and disbelieving Luke onto the ship. The group gets into position and is able to blast off into space before the Oak Troopers can stop them.

On board and having successfully fought off the TIE fighters and having made the leap into hyperspace, Princess Bonny tries to console the grieving Luke.

Luke: I can’t believe it. Crushed in a vat of grapes.

Princess Bonny: There’s nothing you could have done, Luke. Look at it this way, though. In the year 2525 we can say that it will be the vintage of the decamillennium because Eno Juan is in the wine.

Luke: “Wine of the decamillennium?” That’s so clichéd.

Princess Bonny: Sorry. But the wine truly will be spectacular. There are some very old ‘vines’ in there, if you know what I mean.

Luke looks at Bonny, then looks down at the ground and shakes his head.

And that is preview number four, folks. Tune in next time for number five!

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