Thursday, February 28, 2008

Poll Thursday

Today I thought I’d summarize the results of a couple of polls that had been sitting on the site for a while that I feel are somewhat related to each other.

First question asked respondents to indicate if the number of bottles in their wine collection was (a) decreasing; (b) remaining steady; (c) increasing; or (d) so large they’d never be able to drink them all in their lifetime.

3 people said decreasing, 7 steady, 11 increasing and 1 had way too many bottles. Me, I am in the “increasing” category.

Second question asked of the books purchased during the past year, what percentage of them remained unread.

3 diligent readers said 0%-10%; 1 said 11%-25%, 4 said 26%-50% and 5 (of which you can count me in) said “don’t ask.”

Why do I say these two questions are related? It seems to me that we like to accumulate things. Something looks interesting so we buy it with the best of intentions – at least if we buy it now, we are assured that it is here rather than having to take a chance that it is no longer available should we decide to wait.

Trick is, when (if ever) will we get to it? One of these days, lol? That fits me to a tee.

Then I got to thinking I should have worded the poll a bit differently so without further adieu, please take a moment and answer the new poll question to the right.

Oh, there was one other poll question, asking what percentage of the total books owned were wine related. 12 said 0%-25% and 1 said 26%-50%. There were no fanatics in this group.

Overall not a very big response but would you say that the results are indicative of the population as a whole? Well are the sample sizes used by the major pollsters that much larger as a proportion to the population they are purportedly trying to measure?

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