Monday, February 25, 2008

Crystal Winos Awarded Last Night

Almost derailed by the Wine Bloggers Strike but thankfully settled when an agreement was reached last week that allowed both Blogger and Wordpress to co-exist, the 80th Annual Wino World Awards ceremony took place last night.

Capturing top honors for best performance of a red grape in a starring role, the Crystal Wino was awarded to Cabernet Sauvignon. This year’s competition was close, with Syrah/Shiraz reportedly coming in a close second.

Sauvignon Blanc surprised quite a few people this year by being awarded the Crystal Wino for best performance of a white grape in a starring role. Many in the audience had expected another shoo-in for perennial favorite Chardonnay but this year it just didn’t happen.

Another surprise took place in the best performance of a red grape in a supporting role, with Petit Verdot coming out of nowhere to claim the Crystal Wino.

The evening of surprises continued when Viognier was named the winner in the best performance of a white grape in a supporting role. Commentators pointed out that its versatility in being blended with both red and white grape varieties enabled it to get the jump on its competition.

Even more attention-grabbing than the awards themselves were the designer labels worn by the nominees as well as the other bottles in attendance.

“This has got to be the most ostentatious display of labels yet,” observed Marvin Zabriski, well-known Napa Valley wine columnist. Vintages and ratings of Robert Parker and Wine Spectator scores etched in 24K gold on platinum labels were prominently displayed throughout the celebrity bottle crowd, while reporters furiously snapped pictures as they rolled down the red carpet. Onlookers stood in awe.

As might be expected, the wine was flowing like water at the post-Crystal Wino celebration party.


On a serious note, I was searching for a picture to use for the Crystal Wino and came across the Amadeo Lyra decanter from Riedel, which is pictured above. I’d never seen this before but it sure is gorgeous. $285 from Amazon (but shipping is free!).

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