Friday, February 8, 2008

2006 Trevor Jones Virgin Chardonnay

I picked up this bottle from Costco last summer because it looked interesting and also came with some decent reviews (of which I can't remember). It set me back $14.99.

This pale-colored Australian wine is unoaked. It didn't smell like a chardonnay; it smelled more like a Riesling with lime, citrus and honeysuckle. Lots of lemon lime and sweet tropical fruit on the palate but it had an artificially sugary feel to it. This wine had nice crisp acidity, which I liked.

I'd have to say that at first the wine makes a good impression because of its nice aromas and abundance of fruit, but the sugary mouthfeel becomes monotonous. It's more like soda or fruit juice than chardonnay; the vibrant acidity helps but not enough. Unfortunately this wine is a one-trick pony. I feel bad, but thumbs down on this one.

Here is the YouTube "music" video for this wine. If the screen is not visible below, click here.

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