Friday, February 15, 2008

2003 Sky Saddle Zinfandel Twin Oaks Vineyard

The wine for this week is the 2003 Sky Saddle Zinfandel, from the Twin Oaks Vineyard in Sonoma County. 220 cases were made from organic grapes grown on a two acre vineyard high in the Mayacamas Mountains.

This bottle was received from WineQ as a beta club sample. According to Marshall over at WineQ, the retail is $26.00.

First thing I noticed about this wine was that it smells like a box of new pencils. Lots of cedar and graphite along with some smoky black pepper are in the aromas. I also detected something like the skin from roasted peanuts. Cedar was the most prominent characteristic.

The initial palate impression was like the nose and then smooth plum and berry tastes emerged. There was lots of fruit on the sides of my tongue and lots of cedar and some peppery spice in the middle. The graphite-like finish tailed off rather quickly.

This well-made wine is not your typical California fruit bomb. It had interesting aromas and flavors and is drinking very well right now.

For the wine itself I have no problem giving it a thumbs up. I'm sort of hesitant on the price but I can understand the higher costs of production for a small winery such as Sky Saddle, as well as their commitment to organic farming. Taking that into account, if $26 is within your wine budget, then by all means this one is worth trying.

Oops.. this is an edit. I forgot to insert the YouTube video for this wine! If you are unable to see the video below, click here.


Anonymous said...

Marshall pointed out that we both reviewed this wine, and I see we have some flavor profiles in common. I'm wondering if you came back to this one later at all or if you drank it in one sitting. I found this one to get even more interesting as time went on.

MonkuWino said...

Hi Farley, I read your review a few days ago and was going to edit my post to link to it but forgot all about it (I'm getting too old..). I was thinking the same thing, you let your glass develop longer than I did. Mine was open about 1.5 to 2 hours, and while I tasted it over the course of several nights, each portion had been poured into a 187.5 ml bottle so each time I drank it, it was "fresh." I think that contributed to some of the differences we found.

I liked this wine - it did not get tiring because there seemed to be so much going on. In retrospect I should have left out that comment about the price since when I look at what else is out there and how much some wineries are charging, the tag for the Sky Saddle is not bad at all. It's a good wine.