Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Wine Point Inflation? Gore: Yup Clinton: Nope

The former U.S. President and his Vice President are at complete odds with one another.

The issue? Al Gore’s assertion of rampant global wine point score inflation.

Bill Clinton, now California’s Wine Czar, says his former Vice President is totally off the mark on this one. “You know I love Al dearly and have the utmost respect for him but on this one he’s just plain wrong,” stated Clinton as he sat behind his desk in the Capitol building in Sacramento.

Clinton continued. “The simple truth is that wines, especially those from California, have gotten and are continually getting better and better. Hence the higher average point scores from the critics. Since California has a disproportionately higher share of wines reviewed than other locales, we raise the bar for everyone.”

When informed of the former President’s remarks, Gore took exception. “Of course I highly respect my former boss – and I emphasize the word ‘former,’ but it has nothing to do with California’s or anyone else’s wine getting better. My algorithm for determining my results is reliable and factual; this is serious business and we need to do something about it before it is too late. And let me remind you that the proprietary name for my proprietary model is the 'Al Gore Rhythm.'”

“There’s nothing to do,” retorted Clinton.

“Well, I might have expected that since that was his usual response when we were both in the White House,” snapped Gore. “As to his boast about California wines, of course he’s going to make a self-serving statement. He’s the California Wine Czar. What else can he say? It’s no different than how he’s going around saying all these great things about his wife. Do you think he’s going to risk having frying pan and rolling pin marks all over his head?”

When Clinton was informed of Gore’s snippy remarks, he shook his head. “Al, Al, I covered for you for eight years but that’s because I didn’t want the American people to get alarmed. The guy thinks he invented the internet. Do I need to say more?” Clinton leaned back in his chair and twirled his finger around while pointing to the side of his head.

Relaying what Clinton had to say back to Gore, the global activist shook his head also. “I’m speaking the truth. Naturally it’s not convenient for Bill to hear this but then sometimes the truth isn’t convenient. It’s inconvenient. It’s an, uh, inconvenient truth.”

“I think he’s just sour grapes – no pun intended - because he was originally nominated for the office of California Wine Czar but he was rejected,” said Clinton. If he were sitting here instead of me, well, I’d be somewhere else. Case closed.”


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