Monday, January 7, 2008

Wine Book Club

I’m a bit late in publicizing this, but for those of you who like reading about wine, Dr. Debs, author of the Good Wine Under $20 blog, has been gracious enough to organize a Wine Book Club on Shelfari. It’s officially described on the site as:

A bi-monthly online book discussion led by wine bloggers for wine lovers who also love to read.

On the first Tuesday of every other month, a new selection will be announced, chosen by one of the bloggers participating in the club.

The first selection was chosen by David McDuff, the blogger behind McDuff’s Food and Wine Trail: Vino Italiano – The Regional Wines of Italy. I ordered my copy from and according to UPS’ tracking info, it’s due to arrive today – woo hoo!

You can read more details about the club on the Good Wine Under $20 site, and more details regarding the premier selection on McDuff’s Food and Wine Trail.

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David McDuff said...

Thanks for spreading the word, MW. I'll look forward to your book report.