Monday, January 28, 2008

Quoting Wine Blogger Reviews? Good Idea!

Over at El Bloggo Torcido, the Twisted Oak blog, El Jefe’s got a post announcing that he’s begun using quotes from wine blogger reviews of his wines on the Twisted Oak website.

I guess this is sort of a self-serving post by me today since I am honored that a snippet of my review for the 2005 Verdelho (well worth purchasing!) appears on the website, but what I wanted to do was add my two cents about wine reviews from wine bloggers.

I agree with El Jefe, I think it’s a great idea.

In my own general buying experience, I put a lot of weight on the reviews made by actual purchasers/users of a product, such as the customer reviews on, reviews on,, and Cellar Tracker, for example.

When it comes to wine, generally a blogger has taken the time to drink the wine with a meal, or over an extended period of time and thus is in a position to comment on how the wine develops, how the wine complemented (or didn’t) a particular food item, and provide whatever details he or she feels would be of use to the reader.

A professional reviewer, on the other hand, is often posting tasting notes based on a sample at one moment in time, often from a tasting consisting of multiple wines, and maybe from a barrel sample. Whereas the professional often offers only a snapshot, the blogger offers a video, in a figurative sense.

Of course I highly respect people like Robert Parker, Jancis Robinson, the Burghound, etc., but does that make what a blogger has to say any less relevant or trustworthy? Take a look at the blogs listed in the right column on this page and you will find some great wine reviews, as well as other wine-related information. They know whereof they speak!

So my two cents is I heartily agree with El Jefe; using reviews from wine bloggers is a fine idea (although his use of onewineperweek makes his judgment rather questionable, haha).


Wine Blogging Wednesday #42 is slated for Wednesday February 13. This one looks to be a toughie. Not in the choice of wine, which has been made pretty broad by requiring only that it be an Italian red; rather, the tough part is that the review be just seven (yes 7) words long. For the first time, I plan to participate and already have my wine, even! You can read all the details for #42 by clicking here.

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Taster A said...

I’m quit encouraged that you as a blogger are taken seriously enough by a winery to be quoted. Very well done. We do have an opinion, we care about the wine industry. As a whole, I would say that our reviews are generally positive and valuable for the community.