Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My Latest Wine Preservation System

As I continue staying true to this blog’s moniker and drinking one wine per week, normally in the form of four glasses over four days, I also continue pondering how best to preserve the unused portion of wine.

For the past few months I have relied exclusively on Private Preserve, the canister of gas that is sprayed into the bottle and forms a heavier-than-oxygen layer of protection above the wine. It seems to have worked fine.

Prior to that I was alternating between Private Preserve and the VacuVin method. This latter method also seemed to be satisfactory.

Paranoid as I am, however, I still kept wondering if there was another way that would give me more peace of mind.

So this week I headed over to Big Lots and found what I was looking for: wine packaged in 187.5 ml bottles. And for only $3.00 for a 4-pack, no less! Just a bottle by itself, if I could find one, would cost more than 75 cents per, I bet.

My latest strategy, which I am employing on this week’s wine, is to open the wine of the week, fill three of the 187.5 ml bottles with the wine, and then cap them. The little bottles come with narrow necks and after filling there’s hardly any oxygen left inside the bottle – certainly not enough to do any damage over the course of a week, even two if I get delayed in drinking the rest (or so my line of thinking tells me).

After the three little bottles are filled, the remaining wine in the big (750 ml) bottle goes into the wine glass. Voila, four equal servings of wine for four days!

I’m going to see how this method turns out. It’s certainly cheap enough.

By the way, in case you are wondering what happened to the Woodbridge 2003 Shiraz that originally was in the 187.5 ml bottles, I poured a sample for myself then poured the rest down the drain. For $3.00 it wasn’t bad. It has straightforward red fruit flavors mixed with oak, but it tasted more like a light, simple generic red than a Syrah.


Anonymous said...

I do this too - except I use a couple of empty mouthwash (e.g., Listerine, Plax) bottles that hold 250ml each. That way, I get exactly 3 servings out of each bottle, as opposed to your 4. (187ml just isn't very much wine for me.)

-Pastafari Pirate (fellow Vayniac)

Anonymous said...

I am using a product called Wine Preserva. It is an inert disc that floats on top of the wine acting as a barrier between the wine and the air. Have a look at

Anonymous said...

I also used Private Preserve to keep open bottles of wine fresh until I stumbled upon Haley's Corkers as a perfect complement.

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the Wine Guard System combines 2 patented products that have never been used together before now.