Monday, January 21, 2008

Information Overload

Above: the three most recent wine book arrivals in the queue d'unread.. that's not all of them, just the ones on wine.

Sonadora posted a couple of things on Twitter over the weekend that got me to thinking. Here’s what she said:

“I am a sucker for coupons. Had a 25% off Barnes and Noble, and got a $10 gift card in the mail...still spent $30!!! However, I now have more wine books than I could ever read in a year…”

There are 16 of us members in the Shelfari Wine Book Club, and I assume we are all diligently reading the current selection: Vino Italiano, the Regional Wines of Italy, written by Joseph Bastianich and David Lynch. I received my copy back on January 7 but confess that I have only read through the chapter on Friuli (i.e., I’ve read the first 46 pages).

I had good intentions and fully expected to be farther along than that but.. it seems like there’s always some sort of interruption.

I can certainly empathize with Sonadora. While not necessarily all wine books, I, like her, have more books than I could ever read in a year. There’s far too many things that look tempting and I am far too ambitious for practicality. Add to it my decision to join the Amazon Prime club (“free” two-day shipping on just about everything they sell) and that only compounds my surplus situation.

And top of that, I’ve still got several books sitting in my wish list!

How much of our retail economy is propped up by people buying things they will never use? Like in Sonadora’s and my case, how many wine (or other) books are piling up on the shelves waiting to be read? If stores were to issue a refund for all unused merchandise sitting in people’s homes right now, would that immediately plunge us into the depths of an unrecoverable recession?

Well, I do intend to read Vino Italiano and make my best good faith effort to have done so by the February 26th deadline. I just thought it was funny reading Sonadora’s post on Twitter because that could be me writing it.

In the meantime, here’s a couple of things for you to do:

First, take my very first poll (two-parter) for this blog.

Secondly, in the spirit (or unspirit) of this post’s topic and looking back to my high school habits, check out this book. I found out about the book from a post on Wino Sapien's site.


Gabriella Opaz said...

If you ever find yourself with too many books on your shelf and not enough time to read them, feel free to pop them in a box and send them here! We'll happily take the heavy burden of reading them off your hands ;-)

MonkuWino said...

Haha, the thing is I also have this delusion that one day I am actually going to get through reading the ever-increasing pile!