Thursday, January 24, 2008

How's Your Wine Stockpile?

How are our wine inventories growing? Buying more wine than we can drink, or can drink in time?

Monday’s post about an ever-increasing queue of books to read naturally led me to think about our queue of wine. Are we buying just enough, or are all those tempting bottles out there causing us to stockpile beyond what can be consumed at a reasonable or practical rate?

There are plenty of wine forum posts in which someone says they are considering the purchase of a wine storage unit for their home, and asks what bottle capacity is recommended. The answers are invariably, “get the largest you can because you’re going to fill it up faster than you thought.”

That’s not surprising. I think it is human nature to stockpile as we become obsessive over our hobbies. Going outside the realm of wine, I give you an example from the world of hi-fi headphone enthusiasts: A new member to the Head-Fi forum (headphone fanatics) is always welcomed with, “Welcome to Head-Fi, sorry about your wallet!

Are our rates of purchase in line with our rates of consumption? I added another poll – please take a moment and cast your ballot.


Sonadora said...

I had an alarming issue with this when we first started actually hoarding wines. I turned around and next thing I knew, 50% of our bedroom was full of wine. We've gotten it under control, but still maintain 150-200 bottles in our cellar at any given time.....

MonkuWino said...

Hi Sonadora, I just saw your Twitter post and you have even MORE wine coming in next week! Make sure you checked the correct box in the survey, lol.. that's good, more reviews for us to read now!

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