Thursday, January 10, 2008

Allegations Rock OneWinePerWeek

The integrity of a fledgling wine blog, OneWinePerWeek, was called into question over a dubious post stating that wine bloggers worldwide would be going on strike at 12:00 am this morning.

It seems that the publisher of this site, MonkuWino, fabricated the entire story simply because he had run out of things to write about and thought announcing a wineblogger's strike would give him some time to come up with new ideas during the strike period.

"I don't know what made him think he could get away with it," said a dismayed unidentified blogger. "There are wine blog posts from today all over the internet so how could he even hope that anyone would believe him?"

When asked for comment, MonkuWino replied, "Well, everyone believed Hillary was going to get whomped in New Hampshire the other day but look what happened. I thought maybe people would believe my post. And they believe everything that the Bush administration says, too. I'm just a little fish. A 187.5 ml among magnums. Leave me alone."

"Say it ain't so, Monkuwino!" said a few of his supporters who demanded to remain anonymous. "We know you're innocent! They're trying to make a Michael Jackson out of you!"

Nevertheless, it appears that this ugly incident has now created a Monkugate that threatens to taint wine blogs on a global scale.

"Who knows if people have really tasted the wines they review on their blogs?" Asked one skeptical observer. "I'm taking everything with a grain of salt now."

Another observer dryly commented, "Yeah, who knows if I even exist or if I was made up just to say something on this blog. It's scary."

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