Monday, December 24, 2007

Trees of Christmas Past

Today's post has nothing to do with wine but I did want to take this time to wish all of you who are reading this a very merry and blessed Christmas!

What's up with the aluminum Christmas tree in the picture? When I was little, that's the kind of tree we had. Each year my mom would get out the box that held the aluminum branches and tree base, and we'd decorate the tree - just bulbs, no lights. Red bulbs.

I always wanted lights on the tree and my parents told me you can't put lights on an aluminum tree. Well being the pest that I was, one Christmas I convinced them to give it a try. We strung lights on the tree, plugged them in, and nothing happened. No lights. The reason it doesn't work, they said, is because the tree was made of aluminum and aluminum is metal.

That's something that has never made sense to me since if the lights on the cord are insulated, then what difference would it make what the tree was made of? But apparently it does. Perhaps one of you who has electrical knowledge can post a comment to explain this.

Meanwhile, I know aluminum trees were a tacky symbol of the '50's and 60's but for me they are a fond memory of Christmases past. It's not so much what the tree was made of, but what is symbolizes. I'll always have nice, warm memories associated with that aluminum tree.

Have a merry Christmas, everyone!

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