Thursday, December 20, 2007

Points, Inflation and Miscellany

Today is another sort of odds and ends day, meaning I was just too lazy to think of anything of real substance. Most will perceive little, if any difference from my regular postings.

As I drove home yesterday I heard the standard BevMo (Beverages and More) radio ad that has been playing for at least many months. For those of you unfamiliar with this chain, it’s a store that carries a large selection of liquor, much of it wine and I think most of them are located in California or maybe the western United States.

The commercial features people posing as a consumers, the first happily observing how when she shops the aisles at the store, there is such a high percentage of wine rated 90 points or higher. Other consumers add their two bits, mentioning how their confidence level of choosing a great wine has been raised because so many 90-point wines are on the shelves.

First of all, there’s no mention made of where these 90 point ratings come from. They could be from anyone. Secondly, the commercial distills the art of choosing wine into picking by points. Now there is sense to such methodology but on the other hand one person’s 90 is another person’s 80. Points, points, points.

As what happened with the 4.0 scale of grades that now offers higher than 4.0 for exceptional performance even though 4.0 is supposed to represent exceptional performance, are we going to see that with wines, too? This is a 115 point wine on a 100 point scale so I can buy this with total confidence!! Imagine the 2012 Olympics and the award of an over-perfect or over-the-top “11” to the winning gymnast.

And points being everywhere, expect to hear on the radio, “Sit and Sleep will sell you a mattress rated 90 or above or your mattress is freeeeee!”

Anyway, enough grousing for today. It’s Christmas season and I don’t want to sound like I just got back from the mall in a foul mood or anything like that..

In yesterday’s post I mentioned matching wines with music videos as a sort of “review” of the wine, like the way Chateau Petrogasm uses pictures. I think I’m going to try that, beginning with this week’s wine which will be reviewed tomorrow. Actually, it’s matching the wine mainly with music but since the easiest (i.e., laziest) way to get the music is to link to a Youtube video, that’s what I’m going to do. Or attempt to do. Match the wine to accompanying music. I’ve already got the first piece picked out!

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Anonymous said...

First of all, the "consumers" are actually real customers. They are interviewed at new store openings.
Secondly, the majority of the ratings are from Speculator, Enthusiast, Parker, Tanzer, etc.
Just passing through...