Wednesday, December 5, 2007

One Wine Per Week's Version of WBW

This is the One Wine Per Week version of WBW – Writer’s Block Wednesday! Today’s variety of writer’s block is: not taking enough time to think about what I was going to write, hence I am now in this predicament. Other WBW’s that might take place in the future may include: too busy, dog drank my wine, completely forgot, etc.

I could have used the excuse that I was bummed out over not having won that $500 bottle of wine on Gary Vee’s show yesterday but then after he admitted it was really only $475 and observing the way he kept shaking the bottle when telling us how much it cost, that spoiled my enthusiasm.

Actually I was going to do a review of a book I just bought but I haven’t had a chance to look through it enough to say anything intelligent. Not that this has ever had the slightest effect on me, however.

Just a couple of things I noticed while perusing the Los Angeles area Craigslist postings that came up when using “wine” as a search term:

First, someone up in the San Francisco area is selling several 750 ml and three magnums of the Wine Spectator’s 2007 Wine of the Year, the 2005 Clos des Papes CdP - $235 each for the regular size and $475 each for the magnums.

This same ad also lists “key words,” among them: kosta browne, sea smoke, turley, david bruce, dominus, lafite rothschild, merlot, bordeaux, foxen. There were more such words, and I assume that all of these “key words” were inserted in order to match the same search terms input by Craigslist users. Hmm.. could this seller be a bit desperate to cash out on these wines?

Second thing: saw a couple of listings for Marilyn Merlot. One, a 2002 for $85, and the second one, $200 for the 1995 vintage. Both of these ads made it very clear that these wines have never been opened. That should put any potential buyer at ease.

Hey – I guess that's the post for today!

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