Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Music to Savor Wine With

Okay, I know the title is making the grammar police cringe. They're asking, savor with what?? It should be "Music With Which to Savor Wine," (or something to that effect) but it sounds better the way I have it, at least thinks I.

Chateau Petrogasm has wonderfully clever graphical reviews of wines. Why not a music/video review? Like, have you tasted a wine equivalent of Derek and the Domino's Layla?

Here's a suggestion for this Christmas season: take out that bottle that's perfectly ripe and mellow for drinking now, uncork, decant if need be, pour a glass for yourself and someone special, click the play button on the video above and then relax and savor the wine and the season.

(note: if you can't see the video above, click here - just like watching It's a Wonderful Life or A Charlie Brown Christmas, this is something everyone should do each Christmas season)

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