Monday, December 31, 2007

2008 New Year's Resolution

Here it is the last day of 2007. What a busy and event-filled year it has been, and also what a fast year!

My resolution for 2008: To improve at identifying specific scents and tastes in the wines I drink and to be able to describe them better. Right now I don't feel as though I do an adequate job. I can definitely remember an aroma or taste that I have had before but when it comes to describing it that's when things fall apart.

To that end, when I scrape together some $$$ after the recent wallet-debilitating Christmas gift season, maybe I should spring for a Le Nez du Vin kit.

So you may be wondering why the picture of a lizard for a wine blog. That's an Ameiva, to be specific, and I used to have one of those. Actually it was for the kids and we kept it inside of a fish tank. It looks kind of ferocious but the one we had was a big chicken. It would go nuts if anyone tried to touch it, much less pick it up.

Anyway, either the lizard or the tank had a certain smell to it. Then one day we were having dinner with my wife's family at a Chinese restaurant and one of the dishes they ordered was chicken in black bean sauce.

The dish smelled exactly - and I mean exactly - like the lizard/tank. I started laughing out loud when I took a whiff of the food.

Now you probably thought I was going to say that it was Ameiva instead of chicken in the dish but nope, a pound of that lizard cost more than a pound of chicken so unless it happened to fall in the pot that was not the case.

The point is, I do remember aromas, but I just can't describe them too well. However, if anyone should ever ask me what an Ameiva smells like, I can confidently tell them, "like chicken in black bean sauce."

Have a happy and safe New Year, everyone!


Jeff said...

" chicken in black bean sauce." Too funny. Although I'm pretty sure I can never order that dish!

MonkuWino said...

Well just think, if you ever want an Ameiva but can't find one, just use the picture I posted, put it in a tank/cage and place a dish of chicken in black bean sauce behind it..