Friday, December 7, 2007

2006 Cameron Hughes Chardonnay Lot 57

I attempted to do a review of this wine in haiku but failed miserably so I'll just do it like normal.

What made me think I could write a review in haiku form? Because, like the simplicity of haiku, there was simplicity in the character of this wine: oak, butterscotch, and caramel. That's how it was on the nose and on the palate and initially the oak was pretty harsh.

Over the span of an hour, the wine warmed and rounded out; some fruit emerged but the same oak, butterscotch and caramel components remained dominant.

On subsequent nights (saved using Private Preserve) the wine became smoother and hints of banana appeared in the aromas but it was still very much on the oak and butterscotch side. The finish seemed somewhat diluted.

I asked my sister to get this for me from the Costco near her since my local Costco doesn't carry it. She bought me the bottle I requested and added one to it. It's $10 at Costco or $12 direct from Cameron Hughes.

I think this wine needs more time to balance out. There's fruit under all that oak but for now it is overwhelmed and the wine is one-dimensional. If you're an oak and butter fanatic and that's all you want, this one's for you and at a nice price. For myself, I'm going to hold onto the other bottle for a year and see what it's like at that time because I think the fruit will gain a foothold. Thumb-wise, this wine gets one up for potential and one down for how it drinks right now.

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