Saturday, November 17, 2007

Woo Hoo! New Toy!

Well after watching Gary Vaynerchuk wave it around at the camera, finally I could resist no more so I went out and got one of my own. I'm a sucker for a shapely glass.

Topline Wines and Spirits, Glendale, CA - beats any price I could find on the web by a good amount. They must think I am weird because I never buy wine there.. that's where I get my Private Preserve, extra Vacu-Vin stoppers, and now the Big A Burgundy Glass. Took a short break from work yesterday, drove over there, popped in, said "I'm the one who called about the Riedel Grand Cru Burgundy glass," the guy said "oh, yes" and went to get it, opened the cannister and unwrapped it from the tissue to show me, I said I'll take it, they rang it up, I paid, got in my car and drove back to work. 20 minutes.

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