Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Wino Hedonist Releases His 1st Wine

With my astounding line of wine enhancement products, it only makes perfect sense for me, J. Addison the Wine Hedonist, to proceed to the next step by introducing to you the enhanced wine itself.

I am proud to unveil to you my first offering today but first, let me tell you why it is so very special.

What you are looking at in the above picture is the vineyard from which the grapes came to make my superlative first release. Yes, the grapes that went into this fabulous wine are truly 100% organic and free range.

When I say free range, I mean free range. These grapes have been wild their entire lives, never having been captive on trellises or pruned back or subjected to being in regimented rows. These grapes are truly wild and undisciplined but that is what gives them their remarkable character. You might say they are absolutely uncontrollable and unruly.

They gave our chief winemaker one heckuva time, I might add. He even quit for a time but I was able to lure him back. Money does that.

So what sort of wine is the result of these free-range grapes? A fantastic wine. A wine that marches to its own tune and no one else's. This is one BIG wine that makes even the most jammy, extracted, fruit-bombiest shiraz fr
om Australia look like watery wimps. This wine demands attention. It is not one to be drunk with foods or anything else; it is most definitely a solo wine that insists on being the centerpiece, being under the spotlights. But then with such talented grapes in the bottle why would you detract from them by serving it with lesser accompaniments?

You may even want to consider serving this wine on Thanksgiving. By replacing the turkey with it. And then giving thanks because you will truly have something to be thankful for, that this fantastic wine is gracing your table.

I guess I have said enough. Now without further adieu, I would like to introduce the premier wine under the J. Addison/Wino Hedonist group: KobÊ!

By the way dear followers, be aware that when you look for this wine at your fine wine merchant, the colors on the label may have changed by that time so please make the appropriate inquiry.

Limited edition, only a small number of cases produced. $295.00 / 750 ml.

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