Friday, November 9, 2007

Show Us Your Rack Day

Well the above picture probably is too familiar if you've been reading this blog for a while (all one or two of you) but since Lenn of Lenndevours declared this the official "Show Us Your Rack" (wine, that is) day, that's what I'm doing. There's the two Emerson 8-bottle wine storage units - my "Emerson Suites" chugging away holding the temps around 58 degrees. I even turned the light on for you.

I took a look around and see that Domane547 posted a very nice-looking rack, as did Dr. Debs at Good Wine Under $20. El Jefe over at El Bloggo Torcido stayed in character with this post and this post. And Lenn set up a Flickr site just for people to upload pictures of their racks - go take a look.

All in all some very nice setups. My own is quite modestly humble by comparison, but even my present setup makes my old one pale by comparison - see below.

Yes, as you contemplate your rack just look at the above and know that things could be worse! I originally had something else to post today but in the spirit of things I switched to show my own rack for whatever that's worth. And with that, have a very fine (and for some, a three day) weekend!


Dr. Debs said...

Love the post-modern eclecticism of the under the bed rack--complete with a bottle of Smoking Loon!

Sonadora said...

Well, I used to keep our wine in our bedroom given it was the only place it would fit in our apartment, but it never occurred to me to keep it under the bed!!

MonkuWino said...

Kind of looks like the parking lot at Costco, doesn't it? Yup, that's my old storage place, in the spare bedroom. I figured on the floor under the bed with the bedspread covering it would be the coolest and most temp-consistent place in our house that gets way too warm in the summer. See, that Smoking Loon was really smoking! The capsule was a lighter red before I bought it, haha..