Friday, November 23, 2007

2005 Tablas Creek Antithesis Chardonnay

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday. I sure did - so much to be thankful for.

On this Black Friday with all the doomsayers out there saying what a bad retail year it is going to be, I think the only ones for sure who will make big profits are the door repair companies. Just think of all the busted doors they will be fixing today after all the "doorbuster sales" being advertised by every single store that ran a Black Friday ad in the paper!

Back to business, this week's review is of Tablas Creek's 2005 vintage of their estate chardonnay, which they call "Antithesis." This bottle cost $21.60 from the winery.

Day one: Very nice honeysuckle and peach aromas with an underlying streak of gingerbread/brown sugar. Creamy but not heavy on the palate with kiwi, pear and grapefruit tastes mixed with minerals. Lingering finish of grapefruit and pear. This did not seem like a typical chardonnay.

On succeeding days, the gingerbread/brown sugar aspect became more prevalent in the nose. I was thinking it was also like the Bit O'Honey candy bars (do they still make those?). The grapefruit aspect mellowed out on the palate, joined by pear, apple, some peach, and a butterscotch/gingerbread/brown sugar component. Don 't serve this one too chilled or you will miss out on the fine complexity of flavors it offers.

The Antithesis was a very flavorful and aromatic wine that possessed a nicely blended complexity of flavors and was well-balanced. I liked this very much and it gets two unhesitating thumbs up from me.

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