Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wino Hedonist Wine Bottle Enhancing Polish

The Wino Hedonist is proud to unveil product #2 in its line of wine-enhancing accessories: Bottle Enhancing Polish.

(If you are unfamiliar with J. Addison's new venture, please read the premier article about his company, The Wino Hedonist: click here.)

Bottle Enhancing Polish:

It’s not just what is on the inside of the bottle that counts, but the outside, also. Apply this specially-formulated (and 100% organic) polish to the outside of your wine bottles for maximum positive developmental impact. Your fine wine bottles will all have a microthin layer of polish that will:

Eliminate “hot” and “cold” spots in your bottle and thus facilitate a more even, consistent temperature of the wine inside;

Provide a frictionless surface on the bottle to reduce and even eliminate the effects of vibration transmitted from your wine storage unit to the resting place for your bottle. Without the frictionless surface created by this Bottle Enhancing Polish, the rack, container or other bottle on which your precious bottle rests will have a “grabbing” effect upon the glass. You may think that this grabbing effect is minor, but multiply this by the number of hours, minutes and seconds per day this takes place and as you can see, this can be a big source of potential harm to your valuable wine collection.

And of course, the waxing effect of our polish will give each of your bottles that “concourse d’elegance” appearance that will further enhance your total wine experience.

Bottle Enhancing Polish is made from only the finest available ingredients and is very easy to apply. It has been specially formulated with a precise protonal, electronal and neutronal ionic combination for optimum bottle performance. Simply use the supplied lambswool applicator and then buff with the supplied microfiber polishing cloth. It is perfectly safe to apply on both glass and wine labels of all materials.

Enthusiast size (3 oz., enough for 15 bottles): $34.99.

Sommelier size (12 oz., enough for 60 bottles): $109.99.

Larger quantity discounts are available; please inquire.

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