Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Bin Ends and Odd Lots

Well today's picture is not very clear at all, but it's the best I can do. Couple of things today, one continuing on with my endless obsession over the temperatures inside the Emerson Suites, and another, about an interesting website I ran across this morning.

One of the first things I did when I arrived home from the hospital was hobble over to the thermometers on the Emerson storage units and check the temperature (see, I told you I was obsessed). I was alarmed to see a 68-degree reading (from the standalone thermometer) for the one on the left! The unit's built-in thermometer was just sitting there whistling innocently, displaying 57 degrees so something was obviously amiss.

I placed the probe from the other thermometer inside the misbehaving unit and got similar results. Not good! I pressed the buttons to lower the temperature and let out a sigh of relief when I heard the thermoelectric fan start up, bringing the temp to a more acceptable level.

I did some fiddling around and what the picture is supposed to show, although you really can't tell, is that the misbehaving unit (left side) is showing a reading of 54 degrees on the built-in thermometer and 58.3 on the standalone unit, and the other one has a 57 degree built-in reading and a standalone reading of 58.6. Quite a variance, huh? I guess I'll try leaving the left side unit set at 54 and see what happens.

Being as obsessed as I am, you can be sure I will be monitoring the temps on a regular basis. Oh Emerson, Emerson, can I place my trust in you? LOL...

Speaking of LOL, here's the second item of today's odd lots and bin ends posting:

As I do every day, I peruse the board. There's a thread in the wine section in which the original poster asked for recommendations about good sites for wine reviews. Someone pointed him to this website, which they thought (hoped) was a joke.

I checked it out and found it pretty funny. Funny, that is, if it is really a joke but you can't tell for sure. I suggest you take a look at it for yourselves:

That's it for now.. I would like to say thank you again to those of you who sent their well-wishes for a speedy recovery, which it appears is the case. I fully intend to be back on the onewineperweek review trail very soon!


Anonymous said...

pretty sure that site isn't tongue-in-cheek...

MonkuWino said...

I think you're right, Jill. I thought what they wrote was hilarious (and on target about people only caring about points) but then it seems they are actually charging people money to get put on a mailing list to be notified when any wine gets a 90+ score. It's $24 per year and when I click the link to sign up, it actually takes me to PayPal, so I guess it isn't as tongue-in-cheek as I originally thought? I wonder if they actually have any subscribers..