Saturday, September 22, 2007

Trivial Weekend Ramblings..

It's the weekend and I wasn't going to write anything but then my ongoing paranoia over the temperature within my Emerson Suites storage units prompted me to put fingers to keyboard.

Yesterday when I got home from work I checked the temperatures and was alarmed to see the reading at 67.2 degrees in the unit on the left. I thought maybe the temperature probe had fallen out so I checked but it was still in there, sitting on the rack. And still reading 67 degrees. The unit on the right had a reading of 59 or 60 so I moved the probe from the left to the right unit. The temperature came down, although it still read higher than the other one.

I felt the bottles. They seemed okay. Hmm.. did the bottles in the right-side unit feel a little colder than the bottles on the left side? Or was I psyching myself out? I checked the built-in digital readouts for both units and each of them assured me the interior temperature was 57 degrees.

So what gives? How could the standalone thermometer tell me the temperature was 10 degrees higher inside than what the built-in one was saying?

I put the probe back into the left unit and again it went up. Okay, this is what I'll do, I thought. I took the probe out of the right-hand unit and placed it, along with the left-hand probe in the same place in the seemingly malfunctioning left-side Emerson unit. If the probes were right next to each other, then they ought to give the same reading, right?


What you see in the picture is the readout I took this morning. They're only 1.5 degrees apart, but they are also right next to each other inside the wine storage unit. A little while earlier before I had my bright idea to take a picture and bore you with this post, they were even further apart on the temperature scale.

So it seems the thermometer that I was using on the left unit has betrayed me. How can I trust it anymore? It will take me a long time to recover from this, that's for sure. Now whenever it tells me anything, I will want to believe it but alas, I know I shall be skeptical.

What's funny is the entire time, the built-in Emerson digital thermomter continued to tell me it was 57 degrees, until I opened it up to feel the bottles and move the probes, at which time the reading went up. So who do I believe? Everything is telling me something different! How can thermometers be so much like people??

I'll continue to keep careful watch over these slippery thermometers..


Edward said...

It's always dangerous checking temperatures. The last time I tried sticking a probe (electronic temperature one) inside my cabinet - I managed to atomise (smash) several bottles. . .

I've learnt my lesson now.

Does your thermostat need new batteries :)

MonkuWino said...

That's some dangerous probing you were doing! I use these cheap ($5.00 from WalMart) little indoor-outdoor thermometers so I guess I can't expect much, but at least the temperature probes are on this skinny little wire so I'm safe for now.. I sure hope the thermostat doesn't need batteries! Well, my paranoia will ensure I continue regularly monitoring the temperatures.