Thursday, September 13, 2007

Random Thought Generator..

Today’s post is just a collection of some random thoughts that don’t seem to fit anywhere else so I’ll write them here and let them keep each other company.

Why doesn’t someone come out with a wine label that includes a temperature sensor that tells you if the wine is at the right serving temperature? Like those plastic or vinyl contraptions you press against your thumb that tell you what sort of mood you’re in – black, it’s time to quit. Green, you’re cool as a cucumber.

The sensor could tell you that I’m too cold, warm me up! Or, “I’m too hot, I need to chill out!” Or, “Now you’re talking! Pop my cork!”


Would I ever use a Clef du Vin? No, because it’s too expensive. What about if it was cheaper – like a lot cheaper? Would I use it then?

No, because I don’t like tampering with things. I would want to taste the wine as it was in the bottle without making my own modifications to it. I get this same way when it comes to audio equalizers, or adjusting the picture on my television or computer monitor. Inevitably I wind up endlessly fiddling with the knobs, thinking this way is better or that way is better, but no matter what, it just doesn’t seem right. So I reset it back to flat or neutral and leave it at that.

The same would hold true if I started tampering with a glass of wine by swirling a Clef du Vin around. Makes it too artificial for my taste, no pun intended.


There’s a few devices out there that are supposed to help wine to open up by facilitating the aeration process. Things like the Vinturi, for example. Has anyone ever thought to put wine in a blender and punch the button for a few seconds? I figure if that doesn’t aerate the wine, nothing will.

By the way, I do own a Vinturi but must confess I’ve only used it a couple of times and as with the Clef du Vin were I ever to own one of those things, am hesitant to employ it because it seems like I’m tampering with the wine. My limited exposure to this gadget has so far yielded inconclusive results but one of these days I’ll conduct a more controlled experiment.

Ok, that's it, my head is empty. See ya tomorrow!


Edward said...

Even better than a temperature to serve indicator, would be an indicator telling you whether the wine has been subject to prolonged heat - eg plus 25 degrees C, for more than 1 week lets say. That way you could avoid buying it, and pick a bottle that had been stored at more suitable temperatures. . .

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a profitable idea, Rickie -- Hurry up and patent it! :)


MonkuWino said...

Hi Marshall - you should use that idea in conjunction with WineQ! Actually Edward (WinoSapien) had a great idea - but I wonder how many shippers would be brave enough to use such a thing..

Anonymous said...

Hi Monkuwino,

We just got some Eisch breathable wine stemware that is supposed to help aerate wine. Rather than decant for an hour or two, pouring into an Eisch glass for one to two minutes will accomplish the same thing! Even if it doesn't work, the Eisch glasses are very lovely and a good deal compared to Riedel. So we're going to give it a go...

MonkuWino said...

Thanks, Jill. Naturally I checked out the stemware over at Domaine547. It looks interesting.. I sent an e-mail to yout info@ address with more questions about it. Please save a pair for me!