Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Inspiring Thirst

I know it’s been out for a while, but this is the book I am reading right now: Inspiring Thirst: Vintage Selections From the Kermit Lynch Wine Brochure, written, of course, by Kermit Lynch. Gail Skoff is given credit for the excellent photographs.

Most of you are probably familiar with Mr. Lynch and his informative monthly wine brochures. I used to save them all and thought what a good idea it would be to make a book out of them. Well I guess lots of people thought the same thing, including Mr. Lynch, so in 2004 that’s exactly what he did.

I won’t go into details about the book; you can read representative reviews here (and this is all probably old news to you anyway), but I just wanted to say that the title is indeed an appropriate one – it does inspire thirst.

Of course the author is writing with the intent of selling his own wine, but he imports some mighty fine bottles. What’s nice is he has the talent to write so skillfully about them. Rather than bombard the reader with scores from the Wine Advocate, Wine Spectator or other publication highlighted in bold with exclamation points flying left and right, he keeps it succinct, tasteful and interesting.

I like marveling at how cheap such wonderful bottles were back in his early days. Mazis-Chambertin, $85 per case? Chambertin Clos de Beze, $106 per case? Grand Cru Chablis @ $7.20 per bottle? If only we could take the money we have now and apply it back then..

What is also nice is that you can do your own updating to the book by simply downloading and printing out the .pdf files on his website.

The pages and binding are as high-quality as the content. Very impressive-looking. I confess I paid a bargain price for this one, $6.96 from the Amazon.com Marketplace. There’s several other copies with prices nearly as low on that site as well as on Half.com making it too good of a bargain to pass up. Even if you’ve saved all the original brochures/newsletters, it’s great to have them bound together in this handsome volume.


A little note about the content of this blog: You may have well noticed that there’s some fairly off-the-wall topics covered here. I would like to post more tasting notes but when you only drink one bottle of wine per week, well, that sort of puts a limit on things. It also means there are potentially six unfilled slots in the week.

You may have also noticed I like to write (or blabber or pontificate or whatever the case may be). I just enjoy writing and this blog is a convenient way to get it out of my system. Hopefully you will find some portion of it worthwhile, so I thank you for taking the time to visit.

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