Monday, September 10, 2007

Help Me Google-Wan, You're My Only Hope

One of the bits of information I looked at in more detail today were the key words people input into search engines that led to their arrival at this onewineperweek blog site. Some were obvious candidates, such as the names of specific wines that have been reviewed here.

Others were not so obvious, or else I thought they were somewhat amusing. I thought I’d list a few of them for you:

The strangest search term was this one: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mixed berry pie. Now what was that person thinking? I input those words into Google and noted my blog came up as result #5, although one part of the keywords (“mixed berry pie”) came from one wine review and Arnold’s name came from a different spoof posting about naming a California Wine Czar. I guess Google was scratching its head on that one along with me.

Here’s some others:

Clef du vin clearance. With the sky high price of this gadget, no wonder this Googler was looking for a better deal.

Drinking one bottle of wine per day. Maybe that was the woman whose picture used to be on the “about me” section of this blog, haha. Oh, never mind – it said one bottle per day, not hour.

Hawaiian wine bar reading.

How to make wine cheap in one week. I guess the answer to that is have Robert Parker give it a 75.

How to make wine in one week. I suppose it's the same Googler as in the previous search, thinking of a premium line, too.

How to start a wine bar.

How to write a book review.

Kim Suna. This one is understandable, since one of the people who supposedly started up the fictitious knockoff wine bar called Metamorphosis 88 (from an earlier blog posting) is a Korean Drama character played by real-life actress Kim Sun Ah. But whoever was clicking the link results must have dug real deep because my blog doesn’t appear in any of the higher-up results.

Sweet sixteen statistics. I wrote about the stats relating to the 16 bottles of wine I have under temperature-controlled storage at home. I’m sure whoever was inputting this search term was looking for a different set of stats and arriving at my blog must have caused some consternation.

Robert Parker – digital thermeter. I typed this into the Google search bar and it asked me if I meant “thermometer.” Then I saw that one of Dr. Deb’s posts appeared on the first page of results (although her article had nothing to do with a Robert Parker digital thermeter). Mine was nowhere to be seen so this is another instance of the seeker going pretty deep into the result pages, clicking on link after link desperately searching for information.

What metal is in clef du vin. That’s a good query although I doubt a true answer is available anywhere. I typed this same phrase into Google and my blog post referring to Gary Vaynerchuk’s episode in which he tests this gadget came up 4th on the results list.

Out of curiosity, I clicked on the Google link above mine, which brought me to Amazon’s product listing for Le Clef du Vin. 9 consumers had submitted ratings averaging out to 4 stars, and, as you might guess, the reviews ran the gamut of skeptical purchasers being converted to believers, to an admonishment that there’s a sucker born every minute.

I’ll have to review the search term/key words section of Google Analytics on a regular basis just to see what other weird search terms come up in the future.

By the way, if you are wondering what relevance today’s picture has to this post, that’s Miss Teen USA 2007 contestant Lauren Caitlin Upton whose spiel in response to one of the pageant’s questions concerning American’s knowledge of geography sort of reminded me of the thought process employed by some of the people who wound up on my blog. Here's the video:

Down in the comments section of the Youtube page for this video, someone wrote, “at least she can speak better than bush.”

And with that, today’s blog entry comes to a close.

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