Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Empty-Head Day

Today is hodgepodge day, just a bunch of this and that. In other words, my head is empty. Not an uncommon state.

I found this book at the library over the weekend: Eyewitness Companions Wines of the World, Your Essential Handbook, copyright 2004. It lists Susan Keevil as the “Consultant” and a host of contributors. It’s an interesting book to thumb through and it contains a lot of color photographs and illustrations. It appears to be no “essential handbook,” however.

I ran across a sidebar in the book’s California section that I thought I’d share with you:

Cult Wines
Every year the press reports another astronomical price paid for a bottle of cult Napa Cabernet. In 2000, a magnum of 1996 Screaming Eagle fetched over $10,000 at a Napa charity auction. Most of the cult wines are produced in minute quantities by consultant winemakers hired at enormous salaries. These rich, oaky wines are awarded near-perfect scores by American wine critics, making them highly desirable – and scarcely obtainable. Most are of exceptionally high quality, even if they tend to come from the same mold: highly concentrated and steeped in new French oak. Much of the hype is due to the extravagance (and wealth) of American wine collectors, who assemble every year at the Napa Valley Wine Auction to outbid each other.

I’ll let you make what you want of the above statements. Then on Cellar Tracker I ran across the following review of the 2006 Tablas Creek Rosé:

This rose rocks. I appreciate the subtlety of good Tavel rose. But I'm American. I want flavor. This has flavor. Nice job T.C.

Again, I’ll just let the statement speak for itself. I found both of them to be rather amusing.

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