Saturday, September 8, 2007

Citizen MonkuWino

There's an interesting post on Tom Wark's Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog about how the world of wine blogging is changing. Rather than attempt to present any kind of summary, it's best if you read the article yourself to do it justice.

The following quote of his stood out for me (plus it was set apart and in bold so it stood out both literally and figuratively):

Any wine blogger that takes their blogging seriously doesn't mean it when they say, "I just like to blog for my own satisfaction." And I hear this from time to time.

I immediately thought of myself. In fact, in my recent post about visitor statistics, I even in effect said so about this particular blog - that it is for me and my quirks, for my own satisfaction.

But is it really? Or is what Mr. Wark said true?

You may remember those Mad Magazine cartoons that depict characters and their shadows. The characters are behaving one way but their
shadows are behaving the way the character is really feeling. I always got a good laugh out of these, even more than the Spy vs. Spy cartoons, because I could identify with them.

So the MonkuWino character is telling you that I do love to write, but given that I normally consume only one bottle of wine per week it is hard to put up frequent tasting notes. I am not in the wine industry and am not really familiar with a lot of the issues out there so I fill up the rest of the week with other things somewhat related to wine, like musings on off-the-wall topics and my satires and spoofs (I've always liked to poke fun at things). Realistically, I feel that this blog has only limited audience appeal so why should I expect a big readership.

But the MonkuWino shadow is thinking wouldn't it be wonderful to have a big following, and to get free samples of wine and wine-related products, and make some profits from this. Along with that, to somehow get more into a wine-industry related vocation. In other words, become well-known. While the actual prospect of that becoming reality sort of scares me because of the responsibilities it would entail, it is also very appealing to my ego.

Mr. Wark concludes his post with this statement:

The 2008 wine blogging season is going to be very, very interesting. The evolution I sense now will, I think, coalesce into a state of affairs where wine blogs become the center of attention to a great number of people in the wine industr
y. That's going to be exciting for a lot of wine bloggers who choose to make a grab at the prize.

The MonkuWino character thinks that this does not apply to him and his modest blog. The MonkuWino shadow thinks, wouldn't that be great, and he should be part of those grabbing at the prize! Throw out that modesty stuff at the door! I tell you, the character has to try very hard to prevent the shadow from becoming Godzilla.

The way I look at it, to thine ownself be true. That's easier said than done, I know. I hope this blog increases its readership because people find something here worthwhile but I'd hate to start writing things for the primary reason of writing for others rather than myself. I find a lot of truth in Mr. Wark's article but then I wonder if we evolve in the manner he predicts, what is going to separate the bloggers from the paid publications?

Now, the MonkuWino shadow already knows how the movie version of OneWinePerWeek is going to begin. MonkuWino (played by Hugh Laurie) will utter his enigmatic, famous last word:



Edward said...


Very well written piece. I think I have thought all these thoughts at various times without having been able to enunciate them.

Keep up the good work!

PS I found your blog whilst googling the Guiot Rose. Was trying to find out its varietal composition - any ideas? There must be grenache in there. . .

MonkuWino said...

Thanks for your kind comments, Edgar! I also very much enjoyed reading your Wino Sapiens blog (which I've added to my mandatory reading list). Nice variety of posts (I like the bees, too).

As for the Guiot, I'm not much of a grape identifier, but the description on Cellar Tracker describes the 2005 rose as a "grenache blend."