Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I Was Fibbin'

I received the following comment about yesterday's post:

is this a joke? I see no evidence of the wine bar when I google, or on chowhound.

The wine bar mentioned by the commenter was a fictional Metamorphosis 88, and was the subject of the blog post. Yup, fictional; you'd have a better chance of finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq than you would the Metamorphosis 88 wine bar.

I just made the whole thing up.

Another commenter had this to say: I didn't think the dude from American Pie had a wine bar... [by the way, the link for American Pie was supplied by him, not me]. While I'm setting the record straight about Metamorphosis 88, I might as well add that the dude from American Pie, John Cho, is not the dude in the picture from yesterday. That dude is Hyun Bin, a popular Korean actor.

The woman (dudess?) in the picture is Kim Sun Ah, and yesterday's pictures, as well as today's above, are from My Name is Kim Sam Soon, a popular Korean Drama that aired last year. I thought that pair made a good couple, so I used them as the fictitious owners of the fictitious wine bar.

Now today's post is not really about Korean Drama (or "KD"), - this is a wine blog, after all- but I figured I ought to clear the air so as not to mislead anyone or send anyone on a wild goose chase. To slide this over into a discussion about wine, I thought I'd share an observation I have made from watching numerous KD's with my wife, who is a tireless, obsessed KD addict:

Many of the characters in the KD's are pretty well off, so frequently scenes will take place in nice restaurants. Almost all the time, the characters have wine with their meal. And almost all the time, they use gorgeous stemware: long stems with large bowls that look like Riedels. The wines are filled to just the right point, and the stemware is handled properly, picked up by the stems and not by the bowls. Makes me thirsty just watching the episodes!

The only American movie I can recall that used such nice stemware is Kate and Leopold. Kate (Meg Ryan) has some really nice looking wine glasses in her apartment. And she looks so relaxed and comfortable when she's consuming her wine from them. I like the movie, but it's the wine glasses that caught my attention, I guess because most of the time in the movies or tv, the glasses are much more ordinary. My wife thinks I am nuts because that's the only comment I made about the movie - when we were watching it, I said, "hey, those are some nice wine glasses she has!"

Anyway, that's the post for the day. My apologies to anyone who was misled by yesterday's post. All I can say is, there'll be more leg-pullers coming up! Now being that I'm in California, the distinction between reality and absurdity is often blurred...

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