Friday, August 10, 2007

D'Arenberg 2005 The Stump Jump - White

What's odd about the bottle is that it is a white wine with a red capsule. Isn't that weird?

The 2005 Stump Jump from D'Arenberg, is a blend of 63% riesling, 20% sauvignon blanc, 10% marsanne and 10% rousanne. D'arenberg also makes a red blend. I wonder if the red blend has a green or yellow capsule?

Pale in color, it had flowery, grapefruit aromas and on the 4th and 5th days, notes of almonds. The wine was preserved using Private Preserve. Taste-wise, it was like drinking a sauvignon blanc without the grassiness. Loads of grapefruit, loads of zippy acidity, and more tart fruits like lemon-lime and green apple were in each mouthful.

I rolled it around in my mouth a while and the flavors remained consistent. Sometimes I detected a slight peach component but for the most part, grapefruit ruled all with a King Kong command. This wine had a long, grapefruity finish.

This bottle set me back $7.99 at Trader Joe's. That's a decent price for this wine. What's the thumb verdict? One thumb up and one thumb down. It's refreshing but one-dimensional. I would never have guessed that the predominant grape was riesling, either. And that's the wine of the week for this week!

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