Monday, August 13, 2007

California Wine Commissioner/Czar?

Marshall left a comment regarding my earlier satirical post about our California legislature proposing to set up a Wine Standards board to evaluate every single table wine before it could be sold in the state. He said, You scared me for a second, there! Government wine screeners? God forbid! :)

Given how our legislature seems to want to control people’s lives as much as possible, maybe I wasn’t too far off the mark. Can’t you just imagine another tangled swarm of
bureaucrats using up your tax money and mine to tell us what wines we are able to buy?

And just who would head up that swarm? I imagine it would be the newly created office
of Wine Commissioner, headed by either an elected or appointed official. I also imagine it would be some recycled, tired politician who used to hold some other high office within the state, and who wants to remain in the recycling chain where he or she can sit around patting other recycled politicians on the back while continuing to collect their fat paychecks. In fact, isn't that why some state agencies or commissions are created in the first place - for political payback?

Or, widening the search to non-Californians, how about the guy who's picture is up on top? "Before I invented th
e internet I'd like to tell you about the time I slightly altered the process of fermenting my own wine at home. I did something a little differently and next thing you know, I told everyone to come quickly because I was drinking the stars!" Or after the elections next year, an unemployed Dick Chaney is a possibility but you'd have to watch out for him hunting folks in the vineyards.

Actually my idea of a Wine Commissioner would be a no-nonsense individual who couldn't be bought out, and would be tough on maintaining standards. Like this guy:

On that note, stay tuned for another “news” item tomorrow. 10-4!

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