Sunday, August 5, 2007

Avoiding Excess - The Sweet 16

Some NCAA hoop fans will be scratching their heads if they wind up here after googling "sweet 16" but that can't be helped.

I guess this isn't your normal wine blog, what with my musing about how to maintain a maximum "cellar" of only 16 wines due to self-imposed limitations but if you're willing to sit through it, I'm willing to write it (which I'd do anyway).

Today is an example of what I have to go through and why I stick mainly to perusing the bins at Costco rather than wine shops. I visited Topline Wine & Spirits in Glendale today for the purpose of replenishing my supply of Private Preserve cannisters. Their price of $5.99 per is $4 lower than anywhere else I've found, plus it was a good excuse to do some browsing.

Topline has some very good stuff at very good prices (there's no link since as far as I know, they have no website) and I have to pat myself on the back for being good and avoiding all the temptations that were winking at me with their shapely bottles. I'm here for my Private Preserve and not for any wines because all 16 slots are FILLED, I had to keep reminding myself. Costco, with its limited inventory, is bad enough so just imagine what it was like walking up and down the aisles at Topline.

On top of that, I need to make sure I conduct proper future space planning since I've got some bottles coming from Cameron Hughes in October, as well as starting to have WineQ start shipping the items in my queue when the weather is more amicable. Well, I just gotta maintain some discipline! There are SO many attractive bottles out there and every one I purchase gets me excited to try it. At a rate of one per week, however, all those exciting bottles keep getting pushed out further and further into the future, during which time more and more will be appearing on the shelves that look equally, if not more attractive. That's it, stick to the Sweet 16.. a nice, manageable number.

By the way, I was googling various terms pertaining to overload, excess, etc., for this post and the above picture came up when typing "overwhelmed" in the search box. It's from this site. I couldn't find a picture with a bunch of bottles but this one I did find gets the idea across. Plus, I wondered how long it took them to pile up all that paper - that is one heckuva lot of paper! Just think.. that could be wine..

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