Friday, August 24, 2007

2006 Domaine de la Petite Cassagne Costières-de-Nîmes Rosé

Whoa, that's one long name on that label! Longer than the finish on the wine! Haha, sorry, that wasn't nice. I assure you, the wine is nicer than my remark.

You may notice that the style of the photo is different than my previous reviews. The normal picture I took of the wine in the glass next to the bottle came out looking like I was drinking chocolate - not good for a rosé! So I replaced it with a picture of just the label, which apparently is something more suited to my picture-taking abilities.

This week's wine was another $7.99'er, from the L.A. Wine Company. If you're getting tired of all the wines so far being $7.99 and also predominantly rosés, take heart because this was the last wine at that price tag and also the last rosé residing in the Emerson Suites.

On to the wine: It had a pretty cranberry or light fruit punch color. The aromas were a bit subdued, with red berries and some white pepper. In the mouth the wine was silky and tasted like a mixed berry pie, with acidity emerging in the middle and lasting through the short aftertaste. There was also a slight lemony undertone.

Overall, this was a nice, simple and decently fruity wine that was easy to drink. For the $7.99 price, it gets two thumbs up.


When I log onto Cellar Tracker, I generally take a look at the first page or two of tasting notes to see what people are posting. Here is what someone posted tonight about the 2004 Kistler Sonoma County Chardonnay:

Way too much oak and way too little fruit. Had potential but just couldn't get past the oak treatment. A bit of granny smith apple and bartlett pear but for the most part....oak in all of it's buttery vanilla cedar characteristics.

And the rating? A 90. I know Kistler has a great reputation (and also is pretty expensive) but I am wondering if this wine garnered a 90 solely on the basis of it having the Kistler label? The description doesn't sound like a 90-point wine. I'm not commenting yay or nay on Kistler since I haven't tasted anything from them in years, but rather I'm commenting about scores seemingly not matching tasting notes. Since I was writing this at the same time I had logged onto Cellar Tracker, I thought I'd add this little observation to tonight's posting.

That's all for now.. ah, it's the weekend! Have a fine one!

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Liberti.Ted said...

Diane de Puymorin’s Domaine de la Petite Cassagne wines are wonderfully well made whites, reds and roses. Not only will you love trying her Petite Cassagne wines, but know that she is the only Costieres de Nimes producer who holds back her RED wines a whole year before release so that they can be best appreciated and enjoyed.

To see Diane’s real winemaking skill in all its glory, try her Chateau D’Or et de Gueles wines, such as, her Bolida cuvee and her Qu’es Quo wines!! Lovely well made wines that beautifully showcase her vineyards 80 year old Mourvedre and Carignan vines.