Monday, August 27, 2007

15 Minutes of Fame...

You may be wondering what the heck the above picture is supposed to represent. Is it Enron’s stock price history? George Bush’s popularity? Alberto Gonzales' career path? Sadly no, it’s a graph of this blog's site visits last week, displaying the rapid ascension to my figurative 15 minutes of fame (literally it was more like several hours) and then speedy descent back to blog obscurity.

Those of you who remain readers may already suspect what triggered the sudden spike in visitors to (yes, I bought the domain name so now you can reach me via as well as, too. Just get here if you can).

I’ve posted several spoof articles on this site, but last Monday’s was apparently a bit too believable and some people weren’t quite sure if it was fact or fiction. It was an article about a (purely fictitious) wine bar called Metamorphosis 88 that featured ‘knockoff’ versions of famous wines, such as Chateau Petrus 1982. In addition to that highly regarded and fabulously expensive wine, I listed several other examples of similar wines on the menu of the wine bar’s knockoffs.

Somehow it came to the attention of the owner of one of the wineries on that list – Michael Browne of Kosta Browne, no less- which prompted him to post a message on Mark Squires’ Bulletin Board on The message heading was, Has anyone heard of this? I can’t believe it. Then he proceeded to write, Am I reading this right? I can’t believe this is being done, followed by a link to the Metamorphosis 88 post on this site.

Well, that spawned a discussion about the post (and thankfully, someone pointed out that I had declared Metamorphosis 88 to be a spoof in the comments section) and as you might imagine, a lot of people clicked on the link supplied by Mr. Browne.

And that’s why the traffic to this blog spiked for that day.

It was also helped by a post on the Wine Spectator Forum, as well as a few other places on the WWW.

Then, as expected, the traffic took a downturn over the next few days as is painfully evident in the above graph. Hence my “15 minutes of fame,” but now the spotlight is pointed elsewhere.

To those of you who were reading this blog prior to those 15 minutes, and to those of you who arrived during those 15 minutes and decided to stick around and see what else there was and what may be, I’d like to say thank you very much! I really do appreciate your dropping by to see what’s going on over here.

Tomorrow: a discussion pertaining to the subject of the Metamorphosis 88 posting: are wine knockoffs legal and even if they are, are they feasible?

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