Friday, July 13, 2007

The Vayniac Meets le Clef du Vin

I recently discovered Wine Library TV and its entertaining host, Gary Vaynerchuk. Every weekday there's a different video having to do with the world of wine. If you haven't watched any of these already, I highly recommend you check it out - a solid two thumbs up. Gary, or The Vayniac as he is also referred to, is far from the stereotypical snooty wine expert with the British accent (so is Robert Parker but Gary is definitely something else). Like red wine with fish, you wouldn't think a Joisey (Jersey) accent pair well with wine but hey, don't knock it until you've tried it.

Yesterday's episode, #274, was a most interesting one. Gary sampled the results of a hot new wine accessory that many people have been wondering about - the Clef du Vin. It's a small metal object that you place into a glass of wine, and the metal alloy supposedly "ages" the wine for one year for each second the metal is in contact with the wine. The purpose? To give you an idea about whether or not the wine is ageworthy because you'll be able to taste today what the wine should taste like one, two, five, ten or a hundred years from now.

One of the viewer comments for this episode asked if a penny would have the same effect. I wondered the same thing. Now the Clef du Vin sells for a pretty penny - 10,000, to be exact. Yup, $100 for this mystery metal. Wouldn't that be something if a real penny, 1/10,000 of the cost, had the same effect? I did a bit of research and found that indeed, a penny can affect wine but in a somewhat different way - check out this wine site. I also found out that it has to be a copper penny, something the U.S. stopped minting after 1982. One of these days I have to test this out. I don't have the bucks for a Clef du Vin but it would be interesting to see the effect other types of metals have on a glass of wine.

Anyway, what was the result? Did the Clef du Vin have the intended effect when Gary tried it on his samples? You'll have to watch his video to find out - I promise you will not get bored! So what was the purpose of this blog entry? I guess just to say that I give two thumbs up to the Vayniac because I've become a regular viewer. As for Clef du Vin, no thumbs up or down because unless someone makes a very generous gift of it to me, I am not going to spend 10,000 pennies for something like this when all I buy is the cheap stuff anyway, and only drink one per week at that.

By the way, if/when you visit the Clef du Vin site, do you notice that the figure in the intro page looks like he's Asian? Haha, what's up with that?

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