Monday, July 23, 2007

New Addition to the Household

Uh-oh, what do we have here? Looks like OneWinePerWeek has DOUBLED its storage capacity! Those of you familiar with my earlier post now can see the outcome of my internal debate.. I headed off to Target before the sale was over and picked up another one of these units. For $59 I figured I couldn't go wrong.

What you see in the picture is what it looks like as I write this. It's still in the box. First of all I'm not quite sure where to put it yet and secondly, there's no rush because there's no wine to put inside. Yet. I've got my eye on some goodies from WineQ and have placed an order with Cameron Hughes to be shipped later, but right now the weather is too darn hot. In the meantime I can pick and choose a bottle here and there. But this new box will help ease the logistical problems I mentioned earlier, as well as allow me to keep a 16 week supply as opposed to an eight week supply!

Now you might be thinking along the lines of economy of scale and why didn't I just buy one unit with a larger capacity which might have saved me some money, too. I thought about that but I kind of like the idea of having two small units. In my mind (and maybe it's just all in my mind), I think it is easier for a smaller unit like this to maintain a constant temperature, as well as a consistent temperature throughout the interior. I've read a lot of reviews in which consumers comment on how the temperature varies by up to 10 degrees within their own, larger storage units depending on where they place the thermometer.

So I'm happy. My wife thinks I'm nuts but she thinks that anyway. 16 is a good number to me - small enough to stay on budget but large enough to manage a decent-sized inventory. Yeah yeah, you say, here comes a three-peat... Well you should never say never, so I won't, but to me having these two units does the trick. When I finally decide where to put it and set it up, I'll post a picture.

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Dr. Debs said...

OK, I'm totally jealous and want one of these to put on my overcrowded counter for my "batter's box" supply of wine. I would have raced you to Target if I were in LA. Good deal.