Thursday, July 19, 2007

Logistical Problems

As you know, I drink one wine per week. You may have seen my earlier post about my wine storage unit, which holds eight (8) bottles - not very big, but for me that's an 8-week supply! The unit's been working very well, by the way - a constant 57 degrees.

So today I was thinking about a couple of things, prompted by my desire to try out some very tempting wines from a couple of online sources: WineQ and Cameron Hughes. I figure if you've managed to find your way to my obscure little wine blog then you must be a real wine fanatic and therefore you're already familiar with these two quality sites. If not, please click the links and check them out, because they explain themselves much better than I can.

Because they both also have excellent copywriters, I can't resist ordering from them. Myself, I'm an aspiring copywriter so I rationalize perusing these two sites as "research." As I said, I was thinking: my storage capacity is 8 bottles at any one time, so how do I possibly juggle all the wines I'd like to have, considering the turnover is only one per week? I've got to be careful what and when I order and also be pretty choosy. I know I can't go wrong with either of these sites, but that's the logistical nightmare I have - resisting temptation so that I don't exceed my modest capacity.

Then my other thought was, why not just buy another storage unit? I noticed that the same one I have is on sale at Target this week, even cheaper than when I found it on sale not too long ago! That would allow for overflows and lapses of fortitude, wouldn't it? My rationale: some wines need more time so while I cycle the "drink now eight" in one unit, I'd be keeping the "save for later eight" nice and safe in the other.

But then I got to thinking, what if I find even more irresistable stuff that is on the verge of store shelf extinction so I have to snap it up right away? Easy - I'll just buy another unit. And another. Ha, I can just imagine a rather high stack of wine coolers, like six of them to give me a 48-bottle capacity. That would only cost me about $420 plus tax. Never mind that Home Depot has a Magic Chef single unit with similar capacity on sale now for $171 (in-store only, so no link) and my wife would have severely wounded me long before I got to even the 4th or 5th unit.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, where does it end? I was really debating whether or not to run over to Target and get that extra unit but in the end decided not to. Gotta resist temptation! I just have to organize my purchases and be disciplined - you can specify on both WineQ and Cameron Hughes exactly when you want your wines shipped, so that makes it easier to plan.. give them some business and fill in the odd bottle here and there from my other wanderings.

Yes, that's it.. be good, be disciplined. But on the other hand, some bottles really need some time to show their best and if I put one of those in my little storage unit then that effectively removes one precious space out of the current rotation. So maybe I should reconsider... haha, does any of this strike a chord of familiarity amongst you readers?

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Marshall Æon (Enneagram) said...

Great picture! Keep up the good work -- You have an engaging writing style, and having a nice picture in every post makes it far more interesting. Thanks for the link, too!

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