Sunday, July 8, 2007

Grande Cassagne Rosé 2006

It's been ridiculously hot in Southern California these past few days which to me made the prospect of a refreshingly crisp and fruity rosé sound too tempting to pass up.

On Monday I pulled a bottling of Chateau Grande Cassagne rosé 2006, Costières de Nimes. The back label informed me that this area is on the western edge of the Rhone Valley. Robert Kacher is the importer, and it cost $7.99 from the L.A. Wine Company.

Sad to say, this wine was downright miserly when it came to sharing its bouquet. Hints of strawberry, some cherry cola and a bell pepper, herbal aspect similar to a sauvignon blanc were present but none of these went beyond hints.

On the palate this wine seemed dull and flat, lacking the crispness as well as the fruitiness I had been expecting. There was no zing! Indistinct red fruits mixed with bell pepper was what I picked up. As it warmed, the fruit outweighed the bell pepper but overall this was a pretty ordinary example.

So my first-ever wine to review for this blog gets a thumbs-down! How sad is that? Sorry, I was expecting something fresh and fruity but this one seemed lifeless and possessed nothing to get excited about. Disappointing.

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