Thursday, July 12, 2007

Domaine de Sainte Antoine Rosé 2006

The wine review I have for you this week is another rosé, this one from the same region as last week: Costières de Nimes. It's from the Domaine de Sainte Antoine, vintage 2006 and also like last week's wine, it was $7.99 from the L.A. Wine Company.

Sorry for the background in the picture - I can't find a background of white space in the house! This wine had a nice cranberry color, more light ruby than the orange tint so many ros
ès tend to have. There were pleasant aromas of fresh fruits, including hints of peach and orange blossom, mixed with red fruits, a honeyish-flower component, and some peppery spice.

Palate-wise, it was fresh, with crisp acidity that was in balance with the wine, and the predominant taste was of red fruits along with a bit of pepper. I noticed that this was showing best after it had warmed up a bit - initially it was too cold and the bouquet and taste were muted, and it had a sour taste to it.

After a bit of warming up to take away the chill, this was a very pleasant and refreshing wine - a good balance of fruit and acidity. This one gets two thumbs up. What does that mean? Well, a bad one gets two thumbs down, a maybe gets one up and one down, and a recommended gets two thumbs up. This one's worth it.

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